At my first job, my boss used to call me “Big Picture Girl.” I took it as a compliment. Whatever the project we worked on I was always the one to step back and ask, “What are we really trying to accomplish here?”

That’s still my job. It gets called a lot of names — Customer Experience Strategist, Information Architect, UX Designer, User Researcher, Resident Smart Person. But ultimately I help clients get inside the heads of their users and customers, and then my team and I reorganize and design accordingly.

A little different than your typical agency

I have a team I’ve worked with for years — they’re researchers, prototypers, wireframers, UX designers, content writers, visual designers and technical developers — and once I have a good understanding of my client’s needs I pull the right people for the project.

What that looks like

We’ve helped a large hospital group understand how best to communicate with patients, a huge city agency understand how to organize their content so that residents can easily access services, and redesigned a payroll and HR application for one of the world’s biggest payroll companies.

Selected Client List:
Ad Marketplace
Banner Health
Cushman & Wakefield
Delta Airlines
JP Morgan Chase
NYSE Euronext
Saudi Digital Library
TiVo Research
Warner Brothers
Do you need us or do you need your average UX Designer?
A handy guide.
You want a “rockstar” to bang out some screens.
(Not us)
You’re wondering, how do I solve this mess?
(Probably us)
You have a site organization that hasn’t been touched in 7 years and you’re not sure where to start.
(Definitely us)
You’re about to design a product but need some help thinking it through.
(Totally us)
Not everyone in your organization is on board with this whole UX thing and you need help illustrating the value of user-centered design.
(Us, us, us)
You’d like to really understand in a deep and meaningful way what your customers want and how to give it to them.
(OMG, call us now: )
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